Drivers of change

As we reflect back on how far we have come, we must keep an eye on what lies ahead. Over the next 20 years we will experience some of the greatest demographic, technological, environmental and social challenges of our time. Together these will transform the world of real estate.

To help the industry gear up for change, here we offer a collection of views and insights around seven major trends. To filter and discover content for each trend simply click on the heading below.

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The Low Carbon Economy

Developing new assets to meet low or zero carbon standards and retrofitting existing assets to deliver better environmental performance. Moving to building-integrated renewable energy solutions or partnering to deliver community-based energy generation. Adapting buildings to climatic extremes and putting effective drought and flood management strategies in place.

Technological Innovation

Technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace. We offer advice and support to help businesses better understand how things are changing. We explore the gig economy, mobile internet, co-working, ‘big data’and other technology-enabled trends already underway,as well as the innovations that will become a reality in the future. We shine a light on emerging areas such artificial intelligence, robotics, autonomous vehicles, 3-D printing and energy storage. We line out our views on how these will influence the demand and location of physical buildings and jobs of every kind, for decades to come.

Demographic & Workplace Change

We will be sharing information and advice about the major demographic shifts on the horizon and why everyone with a stake in real estate must implement bold new strategies to cope with these trends. We’ll examine why demand for physical assets that cater to older generations will soar, while those aimed at a younger market will plunge. We’ll also look at why the property industry needs to be more inclusive and how millennials will completely reinvent our traditional work-life model.


We will be highlighting some of the ways in which buildings and public spaces can enhance not only the sustainability but also the liveability and appeal of urban centres. Whether it’s green spaces, local food production, intelligent buildings, smart infrastructure, leisure and cultural facilities or compact and affordable housing – from a property perspective the options are enormous.

Health & Wellness Imperative

We will explore how our built environment can combat some of society’s most pressing health challenges—such as obesity, mental health issues, physical inactivity and the needs of an ageing population. We’lltouch on some of the big design trends already underway and why demand for these will grow. We’ll not only explorewhat this means for planners and designers,but also employers searching for inventive ways to standout, attract and get the best out of their people.

Land & Resource Scarcity

We will be examining how we can meet the resource challenge and bring down the harmful ecological footprint of buildings. We’ll look at the benefits of new circular buildings and how these will be cheaper and more efficient in the long run. We’ll also explore advanced construction methods and innovative materials that use less virgin resources and radically reduce waste.

Transparency & Social Value

We will reveal why the industry will need to be a force for much greater social good and why we must affect real change within our own organisations and beyond. We shine a light on new ways of capturing and communicating the far-reaching and deeply positive outcomes that can be achieved when factoring society into our decisions. We also touch upon the role of real estate in fixing some of society’s big challenges and why buildings and companies alike must better reflect (and contribute to) the world in which we work.


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