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20 Years: History & Future

In 20 years JLL has grown into a prominent centre of sustainability expertise for the real estate industry and we’ve witnessed it take huge strides forward on the sustainability front.

Major milestones include the birth of building certification systems, the development of robust carbon accounting rules, the formation of green building councils, the emergence of green bonds, the greenest Olympics in modern history, the first solar-powered cities and the start of the healthy building movement. The timeline looks back on the past 20 years and looks at what we know about the next 20 years.

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Celebrating 20 Years of Sustainability Advice

This year JLL celebrates 20 years of delivering market-leading sustainability expertise to the real estate industry. To mark this anniversary, we're launching Transforming Real Estate, a year-long programme of collaborative events, debates and celebrations. The programme will focus on core sustainability themes, believed to be the driving forces of change over the next two decades. With the help of many talented and dedicated people across the industry, we will offer views and insights to help the industry navigate to a more sustainable future.

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Our Transforming Real Estate campaign celebrates the achievements of both JLL and the industry over the past 20 years. As industry leaders, our insights and advice will help you navigate and benefit from a more sustainable future.

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